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What is Skill Sharing?

The Purpose of "Tauschring"?







What is exchanged?

Lifetime, skills, services, knowledge


Why trade or exchange?

Everyone has different skills, talents, and needs to share.



How does the exchange work?

Through ads on the website on the Obelio exchange portal


How do I register for "Skill Sharing"?

First, register on the website.

You will then receive member access.


What can I do if I don’t have Internet access?

Pick up an Exchange Ring flyer at the Mehrgenerationenhaus Kaiserslautern; fill it out; and return it to the MGH office.


How do I create an ad?

Log into My Account on Obelio. Under Market and Messages, create your ads.



What does it cost?

You don’t pay for services in the Exchange Ring with money. Instead, they are “paid” for with an internal, virtual currency, the Lauterling.

For one hour of service you would pay 1 Lauterling.

The membership in the Kaiserslautern Exchange Ring costs 1 Lauterling per year.

Costs may be incurred for membership of Obelio. Obelio Prices


How are my Lauterlinge managed?

Lauterlinge are managed on an account which is only visible to me and the administrators of the Internet site. After using a service, I would transfer the Lauterlinge to the exchange partner with a transfer form.




Many warm greetings


your Skill Sharing Organizer Team